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Bane is on farm


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ToGC 50/50
About Guild:
Welcome to "Can't Afford Retail" website

We are a guild in the Warmane raiding scene that focused on enjoyable socialization with diversity-conscious players over pixel picking up.
We are based out of Warmane, Icecrown realm, with EU timeframe, and on the only faction ever created, that being Alliance. We are a raiding guild at heart, with a primary agenda of end game raiding, relaxation and socialization.

We are dedicated to clearing Heroic content in WOTLK and we are looking for like minded players to join our team.

Our team is full with experience players who did hundreds LOD, RS and even tens of zero buff LOD and Bane.

Guild formed on 03.01.2020

Guild Master - Tannamoon
Officers - Zixxy, Snoopsnake, Nafse, Magedotcom
CEO / Feb 04, 2020

BIG CONGRATS To my Supreme leaders and all Stormtroopers that took part of the guild first LOD, and everyone else supporting the guild.Thank you folks and enjoy it most importantly! Video Link -